Who Benefits from the Texas Honor Ride?



(pictured above is Sergeant Jason March)

The goal of the Texas Honor Ride is to help provide support to our wounded warriors and their families.

The Texas Honor Ride Mission: to honor, directly help and improve the quality of life of wounded warriors and their families who are recovering at the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, Texas.

The Brooke Army Medical Center, BAMC (pronounced ‘bam-see’) is part of the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) located on-base, at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. BAMC is one of two highly specialized military trauma hospitals that serves the needs of very critically wounded soldiers. BAMC is also the US military’s burn trauma center. The doctors, specialists, staff and facilities at BAMC are among the best in the world and paid for by the US Government with our tax dollars.

Wounded troops assigned to BAMC often spend long periods of time recovering from their injuries. A majority of them spend more than one year recovering at the facility. The wounded warriors must stay (live) very close to BAMC’s 24-hour facility and staff in case complications from their injuries develop. This allows easy access for their daily doctor visits and rehabilitation requirements.

BAMC physicians have discovered that, during these extended recovery periods, patients recover much faster when the patient’s primary family members can help support and encourage the warrior in their rehabilitation efforts in a non-hospital environment. This “specific need” of a non-hospital environment and providing for their families to stay with them is not funded by the US Government or our tax dollars. Most find it impossible to afford the extra costs associated with this “specific need.”

The Warrior Family Support Center – WFSC (formerly known as the Soldier Family Assistance Center – SFAC) is an on-base, non-profit (donation based) organization who’s mandate is to provide a “safe” environment away from the hospital environment (but on-base and very near BAMC) for the wounded warriors’ families to be directly and intimately involved in their rehabilitation. WFSC directly supports and attends to the day-to-day, non-medical (non-funded) “specific needs” of recovering wounded troops and their families at BAMC.

Please join the growing group of Supporters of the THR mission. Your donation will directly help support our wounded warriors and their families recovering at BAMC from the extreme sacrifice they have made on our behalf. The sooner we receive your donation the more impact it will have in raising additional support for the THR mission.